Friday, June 7, 2013

Shower Cleaning Made A Little Easier

I stopped going on pinterest for a while. So much to do and so little time. I didn't have time to be sucked in to pinning a million different pins.

One day, I decided to make pinterest work for me, instead of against me. I decided that I would actually use the valuable information- not just place it on a back burner of my ever-growing boards. I came across this little treasure (might I add with the instructions IN the caption, my fav!) and decided to actually do it. I put it together, loved it, and ACTUALLY use it! I also added a young living essential oil twist. Getting excited to what it is?

Here is one of the many sites that provide this- I just had to share as well! I am TERRIBLE at routine cleaning outside of my kitchen. So when I saw this, it was a no brainer. Where has this been all of my life! You keep it in your shower. After each shower, wipe down the sides and the tub. Plus, my version is chemical free! I also use it in my bathroom sink. Works so well and so simple!

Here is what you need:

Use a 1:1 ration with this and keep it in your shower! I promise you will love it! After trying this (yes, it works great without the oil too!) I had to, of course, incorporate young living oils! I added a couple drops of  lemon for the antibacterial properties and a great fresh scent! 

Happy cleaning!

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