Monday, February 25, 2013

100 Reasons Why I Love You

It's my birthday today. Halfway through my twenty-somethings, and a quarter of the way to 100. I could go on about all of the things I have learned in my lifetime, blah-blah-blah, but I'm not going to.

I want to talk about one of the best gifts in my life. Maybe you know her. If not, just check out our blog. She's amazing and worth the read. She is my best friend of 12 years.

100. You're always there for me
99. You're 6 months older than I am. So when we are old, I can always say you're older.
98. You're a stud on the piano
97. You put up with me
96. You go along with my crazy ideas
95. We are so close that when you left for Florida, people would say "Oh I didn't recognize you without the other one"
94. We have tattoos in the same place
93. You're a hot red-head
92. You're an even hotter blonde
91. Cowbells in springtime means something to you
90. Shmaboogie means something to you.
89. You laughed when you broke your pinky toe.
88. You took me to the emergency room when my foot was a balloon.
87. You call my son your nephew
86. You send me care packages
85. You're the most giving/generous person I know
84. You didn't think oil changes in your car was neccessary
83. You are beautiful
82. On the inside too
81. I forced you to drink coffee
80. Now you're a venti addict.
79. You introduce me to new styles, and I first think you're crazy
78. I like your music taste
77. You drive to come see me
76. You eat disgusting Oysters
75. You bravely get different piercings
74. When I mumble, you say "I can't hear you" Like I offended you
73. You are easy going
72. You are funny
71. You bake tasty treats
70. You go on dates with your Dad to superhero movies
69. I admire your relationship with your dad
68. You know who carries the best chai
67. You are talented at going sugar free
66. We have worked at the same place
65. Twice
64. You watch disney movies with me
63. Your smile
62. You have the longest natural lashes ever.
61. You give the best hugs
60. You have always gone above and beyond for me
59. You cut my hair no questions asked
58. You never say no
57. Your verbage
56. You are a foodie like me
55. PS there is a Sawatdee in St Cloud, I know you'll go there with me
54. You are passive aggressive just like me
53. You buy amazing heels... but never wear them
52. My dog attacks you
51. You get lost on walks in new neighborhoods with me
50. You are friends with my Husband and he loves you
49. You give me the best birthdays- some of my best memories are with you
48. You don't like frogs any more
47. You don't like Leonardo DiCaprio anymore
46. We were crowned together
45. We washed your parents van with comet. (oops- Sorry Brett and Val)
44. You have a gift of sleeping- well used to
45. You knit with me
44. Not enough
43. You skype with me to help plan Hudson's birthday
42. You work on projects for Hudson's birthday
41. The way you tackled me when you found out I was pregnant
40. Our day at patina in St Paul
39. You helped me paint my last house
38. We were homeschooled together
37. We went to Old Navy and Kohl's a lot in Middle school
36. We always plan to lose weight together and never follow up
35. You decided to blog with me
34. I can talk to you about everything and you understand
33. You know so much about me
32. You drive when I don't want to
31. You spend the night with me when Kyle's gone
30. You painted your fireplace purple
29. You came back from Florida
28. You love your nieces so much
27. You are so welcoming to everyone
26. You love classic books
25. You read in general
24. Your ideas for life
23. You would look at baby clothes with me before there were any babies
22. You are such a rock in my life
21. You skipped school to help take care of my baby when I was sick
20. You don't complain about sitting on my couch for hours
19. Uptown Diner
18. You think I live in a really small town
17 You are so supportive
16. You used to like math
15. You always have the best smelling purfumes
14. You are always wearing lots of layers
13. Your fetish with ugly sweaters
12. You're the reason I like avocados
11. You are polar opposite of dramatic
10. You were my maid of honor (matron in my program)
9. You would do anything for anyone
8. You don't wear coats in the winter
7. You drum off beat to songs in the car
6. You have been my friend for so long
5. We lived together
4. We make sushi
3. You're irreplaceable
2. You love Jesus
1. You're just YOU

Words are just words and none can really describe how I feel about you. Thank you for being my friend. You are the definition of a true friend.