Thursday, June 30, 2011

Francesca Ray Dean

SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!
8lb 9oz, 21", dark-haired Beauty.

She is 16 days old today and is so full of curiosity. 
She's got these perfect, voluptuous little lips and chunker cheeks that you could kiss constantly! Her fingers and toes are so long yet so cute and chubby!

I could hold her and watch her try and figure out all the different lights and noises for hours. Her and her daddy have this amazing connection. When she was first born and Jonas (her papa) was holding her for the first time, he was talking to her and she would coo back at him. He would say something, she'd coo back, he'd say something, she'd coo back (I think you get the point). Then, the next day, I was holding her and she was slowly falling asleep in my arms, Jonas said something and her eyes widened trying to look for Daddy. Just amazing how she knows Daddy's voice.

 I love the way he looks at her 

Watching my sister as Mamabear is just perfect. She is such an amazing mom! Shes such a fun, loving, caring little mama. Francesca Ray is going to have so much fun growing up. 
My mom always had fun crafts for us kids, science museums, parks, picnics... and I KNOW my sister is already getting crafty and creative ideas for things to do with Baby Franki!

Melts my heart

She's just perfect.
 I love this little sweet pea with all my heart. 

Here's just a few more pictures... an auntie can brag, can't she?

 Sissy and I

 Her rolls are another favorite of mine

{L }

Monday, June 27, 2011


The blue hill- favorite place to dream
I am a dreamer; a visionary. I see things in the way that they could be. Then I think of the practical steps to take something for what it is, to the something it could be. I dream about anything from an old house, a room, my future, or a vacation. I have difficulty focusing on the now. I can't even go a few minutes with out slipping into a day dream.

This dreaming is a part of me. Get ready to know me a little bit better. What are blogs for, right?

Lately I have been focusing on the unknown of the future. I feel as though I am searching into the unknown for the attainable as well as the unattainable. At this point in life, it feels temporary. I have a longing for consistancy in life; a sense of permanency. Yes I have a house, yes I have an amazing job I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. However, both aren't going to be there for the long run. Where will I be in five to ten years? Maybe before then? I have trouble with the unknown. I want to create a plan for myself, even though it is hypothetical. It sure makes for fun possibilites!

I also dream of what is expected of me. I feel like I can be doing so much more. Who am I called to be? What does God have in his plans for me? How can I make his dream and mine align? He has the way of opening a door, I walk through and all-of-a-sudden I realize, wow. This was his plan all along. I find myself constantly being impatient. Ministry is the road we have been called to. Where, when, and how must now all be defined. I remind myself it's not in my timing. Trusting has come to a completely different level every day. Trust. Worry. Trust. Worry. Trust. The cycle continues. But no matter what, He has me in mind.

I want to be a servant, a volunteer, kind-hearted, giving, gracious. If there has been one person that has shown me to give selflessly, it would be Lindsay. She would give anything for someone. I have seen my self change just watching her. I look forward to serving. Long hours, pain, tears falling over those that I feel broken for, victories, and learning even more to trust completely. It scares me sometimes, but I know its a part of my DNA- who I was created to be. I was not made to be average. I was made to be extrodinary. So were you, just maybe in a different way. If I were to make a difference in one life, it would be worth it. Everyday I am so grateful I answered to that God-shaped hole. I have been on both sides and would never chose to go back.

I dream of homes, future, and ministry. But what of another great desire? Family. Children.

Each time I hear of someone that's pregnant, I become filled with Joy. I couldn't be happier and proud of that person. But for a moment, in the secret depth of my heart, my world comes crashing down. My emptiness grows and I ache for something that is not yet mine. I become composed and move on to what I do best. Dream. What can I make for your little blessing? It's not yet my time.

You see, I want the priveledge to stay home with my own little blessing. I want to do crafts together, have picnics, tea parties, bake, laugh at their made up words, take an unbelievable amount of pictures, go to the zoo... I want to feel like a child again with the innocence they bring.

I woke up this morning struggling to get out of bed, just one more hour would be great. Then I thought, I look forward to the day when I have had 4 hours of sleep in the last week, when I can barely pick my feet up, and when my head is pounding, to walk up to a crib with a tear covered child smiling because I'm there. But it's not yet my time.

I'm not only excited for parenthood because of the experiences I will have, I am am excited to give my child what I didn't have. An amazing, loving father that's there. I grew up with my mom as a single parent. Not until I was older did I have a father close to me. I have confidence in who my husband will be as a father. I know that my children with have the best of the best. I wonder if they will have his hair, his eyes, his smile...

Now back to reality. I dream because its not yet my time and I am anxiously waiting.

I'm thankful for all of the mothers I know. You have set a great example for me and who I hope to become as a mother in the future. You inspire me, challenge me, and constantly make me laugh.

Back to right now. I have to stop myself and take in every moment before its gone. I love right now. I am grateful for right now. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize this life is for real.

How's that for vulnerable? I must not be the only one that feels this way...


Saturday, June 25, 2011


Whenever I walk in to someone's home, I look at their details in their decorating. Each piece shows a bit of their personality and their style. I love noticing anything from color of candles to little trinkets. I love learning about who someone is and what they like. 

Lately, I have wanted to add more detail to my home. I love the new styles of more eclectic pieces. A little this, a little that. More color. More variety. Thrifty. Unfortunately, thrifty isn't quite my style, except for redoing furniture. I just love to see it and be inspired by it.  

But I still love details. My details. I have been on a mediterranean/moroccan kick lately. These are my new additions.
Oil Lamp TjMaxx/Homegoods

Metal Lanterns- Patina. Under $5!

Looking forward to hanging these in my porch

What are your favorite details? What in your home is a part of your personality?


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Hey Minnesota, Nice to Meet You.

Ears popping. Eyes glued to the window. You've landed somewhere exciting. You're exhausted from traveling, but you can't wait to take your first breath of fresh air in this new and different place. Man, I love airplane rides and vacations.

I was blessed to have a mom that was a flight attendant growing up. I have been all over. Traveling has sort  of made its way into my DNA. Growing up can definitely put a damper on exciting adventures domestically and internationally. School, then work, then money... it all takes away from the exciting idea of trip- or so I thought. Enter husband.

Kyle grew up in central Minnesota and would regularly go up north or to Canada for family vacations. He's the I-can-survive-just-because-I-have-a-bow-and-arrow kind of guy. Over the last few years of being with him, he has showed me a more "local" flare of vacationing. I am now beginning to explore Minnesota; I've never known how much it had to offer. I am beginning to think the north shore is one of my favorite places I have been to. It's a perfect get-a-way when you don't have a whole lot of resources on your side.

There is just something about natural beauty. You need to take the time to see what's out there, take time to smell the flowers. We live in such a microwave society, it's important to slow down. Refresh. Recharge. Take a deep breath.

Notice every detail. breathe.

I was in Grand Marais for the first time. Very easily one of my favorite places I have ever been.

Have you ever seen bumper stickers for this place?! (Sven and Ole's) On this trip I found out it was a pizza place. Yes, we ate there.


In and out. Capturing every moment.

Kona is overly social...

yes, so good. Then reality hits a little to hard. 2 weeks and counting until camp!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby girl dean...

About seven months ago i found out that my oldest sister was pregnant... At that moment, that baby had more love from me then i have ever given someone. And for seven more months i cant stop thinking about how crazy it is that i have that much love for this small little person that i have never met...i feel honored and beyond blessed that i get to meet this baby just minutes after shes born and watch her grow and learn and love and make all her different decisions whether its which stuffed animal she wants to drag with her everywhere to what friends she makes to what man she will marry. I get to watch this precious baby girl become a beautiful woman. I get to be a role model to her and spend time and love on her. So much anticipation for one little girl. Its been so fun watching my sisters belly grow and watching her and my brother in law prepare for this bundle of joy.

Well boys and girls... The wait is almost over. Sitting here in the waiting area. Getting updates every now and then. My sister has been having contractions for about two days now. She went in to the hospital about 6am this morning. Was in a lot of pain around 3pm and was given an epideral... Sister on drugs is always a fun time. When i got to the hospital around 6 she was in delivery position and smiley... Telling the hubby she could give him 60 more kids. (we'll see what she says aftef the baby is born). Well, so far everything is good and shes been pushing for about an hour and they see a head with tons of black hair. :)

... Jesus,let there not be anymore pain. give this baby girl a beautiful life and let her always know how much she is loved...

... Back to waiting... Pictures and more blog when baby girl dean is actually here and i can hold her

A Night Away

This past weekend, my husband was up in the boundary waters. Since he was gone, I had an opportunity to spend some time with one of my best friends, my mom.

I could write a book on how much I love and admire this woman, so I will save that for another time. We started our weekend out at breakfast at Uptown diner, followed by a walk around Lake Harriet with our dogs. Then to Rochester we went.

I can't help each memory that comes to mind and almost every street I pass. I went to Elementary school there. I took my driving test there. That's my favorite local restaurant. Its hard to believe its been 5 years since I have graduated high school. But I just love staying at my parent's house. It's a retreat- a place to hide from the world.

Here is one reason I love being back : My mom makes a house a home. She is one of my favorite decorators. Our tastes have varied throughout the years, but I always love her work.

Everything matches! What do you think? Beautiful, right? Isn't Kona a great accessory?

Not only is my mother talented at decorating, she is a beautiful knitter. She learned when she was 5, as well as taught me when I was 5! It's something we have shared for years. We love sharing new patterns and new yarns, as well as frustrations on our "unhappy projects" as we like to call them. My mom has also collected quite the library of patterns, books and magazines. I can't even express my excitement when I look through them!
As well as a large selection of yarns. This is only her upcoming projects, it doesn't even include the bins and bags of yarn she has in her storage room!
I wanted to catch a quick pic of one of her projects she is working on- but no such luck! She did a great job of hiding them. 
Soon we will be collaborating and opening up an Etsy shop of hand knit baby clothes and blankets! Keep an eye open for that!

And for a fun fact- My mom and Lindsay's mom are best friends! They are the reason we became best friends. 
AND As of RIGHT THIS MOMENT, Lindsay and her mother are becoming an aunt and a grandma for the first time! Congrats Kati and Jonas! There will be more from Lindsay on that soon..
Here's to all the mommas out there that are their daughter's best friends. You are truly a blessing.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Awaiting my over-9-month-pregnant sister to give birth to my first niece, I needed something to keep me occupied. I had the grand idea to start jewelry making (one of the crafts on my list of 'Crafts To Do'). 

I don't want to make just any type of jewelry... I wanted to go all out and try the metal-stamping necklaces that are becoming popular. So, off to Micheal's Craft Store I go!

... just a few supplies :) 

Of course my favorite is the hammer and the anvil, so naturally I started with the stamping! 

It took a couple tries before I got the hang of it!

The ones i ruined :)

My girlfriend/hair colorist recently had a beautiful baby girl named Harper Maxine born on March,23 2011... Hence the date and letter. 

I want to add some kind of 'frosting' to this necklace to livin' it up a bit so, I got an Aquamarine bead, her birthstone, and turned it into a charm.

 The necklace still needed one more charm, but I didn't want it to look cluttered so I needed something small, but not smaller then the bead. With all the metal strands I got I took this...


 And turned it into this...

I'm still learning so it's not perfect. 
I dont think it's too shabby when you put them all on the chain!

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! 
SUPER easy and a lot of fun!

While I was working on the 'stamping', my mom started on a different necklace for my over-9-month-pregnant sister (my idea, but she made it beautifully!)

She made the birds' nest and everything! The number of eggs is supposed to represent how many children you have and it just turned out that the pearl is my nieces birthstone as well. 

Well... That took up a couple hours. 
Back to waiting for my niece to arrive...