Thursday, October 20, 2011

... Right where I need to be.

I know it isn't Thanksgiving yet but, right now I'm feeling very thankful for everything God's given me. Even with all the hectic things happening in my life right now, tonight I've just got this overwhelming feeling that Gods got me

It should be an automatic thing to know that Gods got complete control but, I feel like I have to remind myself almost daily that I'm not in this alone. Not right now... Right now I know for a fact that God knows what he's doing. Even though I lost my car last week, I've been getting crazy bad migraines, certain relationships are ending and I've been really worried about money. This week, I'm becoming a pro at taking the bus, I'm learning a huge lesson on knowing when someone has your best interest or not, I just got a job this week and I'm STILL loving school.

On top of all this amazing news, SARA (my best friend) and her husband are expecting (You should all know by now). I have got some crazy awesome, beautifully talented friends, an extremely supportive, loving family and a gracious, forgiving, beautiful, worthy God who loves me and has this crazy extravagant plan for my life. 

I'm being a total cheese ball right now but, sometimes it's necessary. 


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