Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Adventures...

We all have our New Years resolutions every Jan 1st and every year we (at least I) never accomplish what I set out too. But, this year, I'm going to share with all you fellow readers what my goals are and blog when I accomplish them or are not feeling em! Hopefully blogging them will help me finish what I set out to do! So, Here is what my 2012 Resolutions are!

~Train/run a marathon. I'll start with a half and hopefully be able to do a full. 
~Lose 10-15 pounds. I don't consider myself over weight but I want to have a cute, skinny tummy for once. 
~Have daily devotions. Whether I do them in the morning or at night, I want time set apart for Jesus. 
~GRADUATE!!! That shouldn't be too hard... June 14th!
~Have all credit cards paid off and most my student loans paid!
~move out and buy a car!

Whew... I can do this! To start off my resolutions, I'm going to do my devotions and head to bed, wake up at 5:30am to attempt to run/walk than back to school since Christmas break. 
Happy 2012 bloggers!! Lets accomplish those resolutions!


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  1. Woo-woo! You can do it Lindsay! You are moving forward with you life...just keep telling yourself that, right? Don't be discouraged either...remember your Auntie M.was a late bloomer & didn't finally graduate until I was over 40! Life is a roller coaster...hang on the for the ride!
    Love ya sweetie!

    Auntie M