Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Little ONE

Wow. It's Hudson's birthday. How did this happen? Where did the time go? I have spent years dreaming up what he would look like. I spent 9 months preparing for his arrival. He has spent the last year teaching me what real love feels like.

I have never known and emotional roller coaster like being a mom. I have a new vigor for life. I am comfortable with giving all of myself every day. This little person has me wrapped around his finger and me begging for more of everything that he is.

I love him more than the day he was born (didn't know it was possible). I soak in every feature, every expression, every breath. He reminds me of how life is a miracle.

He is the meaning perfection. His eyes, his nose, his lips. Every smile melts me a little more. I would do anything for him.

I love how he has changed my life for the better. I am a much better person. He has strengthened my marriage and brought us closer as a family then I could ever have imagined. Life is beautiful from this amazing gift entrusted to us.

Oh, am I ever thankful for him.

Feel welcome to read my birth story and Hudson's story. We have had a rough start, but it's only gotten better.

So much has happened in a year. It feels like a blink of the eye, but that its been forever.

The first month we were just getting acquainted. Perfect and small in every way. I couldn't put him down. I was so tired I couldn't see straight and dreaded the night time. At a week old, we were showing our house in Minneapolis and it sold. Miracle! So we packed up and moved when Hudson was just over a month.
Month two. We had moved in to Kyle's Aunt's house. How gracious was she to invite a newborn and his parents into her home! My little boy was starting to get personality and beginning to smile! He was finally out of newborn clothes and in to 0-3 months. I cried packing away his new born clothes!
Month Three. We were headed up to camp this month. 5 weeks in Alexandria. At this point, Hudson had lived in a different city every month of his life. What a trooper. He would get stronger and stronger. Tummy time was the worst thing we could do to him. Teething began, his first cold had hit hard, and laughs began at the end of this month.
Month four. The first week of this month was our last week at camp and it was back to Cold Spring. We had started the journey with our new chapter in life- Moving to Sartell, MN for Kyle to become a youth pastor. We began the house hunt and fell in love with "the one" I took pictures of Hudson in his future room. Teething was still in full swing, yet no teeth. Started this month on rice cereal. He could up quick on his weight and needed the extra food! The puppy became a very wonderful object to stare at.
Month five. Become more and more active and alert. Never content with just staying in one place. We moved into our new house this month. So much change for a little man and he did great!
Month six. Just began sitting up- not yet stable though. His first two bottom teeth cut through this month. Cute as ever and so happy. What a joyful little boy. Had his first Halloween and dressed up as a lumberjack. First solids this month. Favorites being sweet potatoes and peas.
Month seven. So busy! Rolling all over the place- never have seen such a thing! So cute. Mobility makes for a busy mommy. Enjoyed Thanksgiving and cutting down his first Christmas tree.
Month eight. So may fun Christmas activities. Lots of Christmas jammies. Even Christmas socks. Opened up his first presents. Began crawling and standing. Can sit back down at night when you stand up in your crib! More and more amazing every day.
Month nine. More and more handsome! So much personality and makes us laugh every day. Standing up and walking along furniture. Mobile amazing little boy. Started saying "ba" and "pa" for puppy. Priorities right? He began picking up his own food! A little more independent! He momentarily used the sign language I taught him.
Month ten. Talking all the time. "ma" became part of the vocabulary. Talk about best word ever. He is so amazed with everything and is in full discovery mode. He is so smart and shocks us every day. His personality is so funny. Traveled for the first time to Arizona! Was so good on the airplane.
Month eleven. Taking steps. Amazing to watch him go! Not totally stable yet. Crawling is still the preferred mode of travel since it is faster. Such a good eater. Loves fruits and veggies and water. Plays peekaboo on his own. Belly laughs. Loves being tickled. "da" makes an infrequent visit to his vocabulary. Loves other kids. Loves obstacles and climbing. Finally loves and has an attention span for sitting and reading books. Temper-tantrums have begun! This early, really?! He cries when he realizes his breakfast is all gone- every morning. Loves games and to be chased around. He is such a delight!

We made it through the first year. Oh has it been a great year.

I love this blog as a place to keep memories. I love reading my birth story from when it was fresh- so I can never forget every detail. I never want to miss a moment.

Dear Hudson,

I love you so much. You have been such a blessing to me and your da-da. We can't imagine life with out you and how evident God was in the timing of you being brought in to our lives.

You have made us better people and make each day brighter than the last.

Mommy  is so proud of you. You amaze me all the time with how smart you are. It's so cool to see your interest in music and how you drum and sing at the same time. You dance to everything and it brings me so much joy. You already have a great throwing arm and the only thing that grabs your attention on tv is sports. I cannot believe you can already hit a ball around with a mini hockey stick. You are so talented already and I can't wait to see where your interests lead you. I can't wait to encourage and support you in everything you do.

I love picking you up in the morning. You smile from ear-to-ear as I poke my head through your door. I love approaching you as you bob your head and lift your arms to give me a big hug around my neck. You let me know you love me.

I love having meals with you. You are a foodie just like your mother. Your eyes get so big as you try new things. You are good are sharing too.

You are the most amazing thing. I pray for you every night as I lay you in your crib. I know God has special plans for you. I pray for your health. I pray for your future. I pray for your safety. I pray that God would make me a better mommy to you every day.

I hope to encourage you, support you, and love you in every way that you need. I will keep you in line where you need to be, and try to help you become the man of God you are called to be. You are such a gift and Mommy is so thankful for you.

I can't wait to watch you continue to grow, you just need to promise it won't be too fast. Never stop being my little boy.

With all my love,

Happy Birthday, Hudson Elek! I love you!

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