Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Grandma

I came home tonight to an empty home.

No beautiful little woman sitting on her red couch, watching golden girls, looking up at me when I walk in saying "theres my love!".

Notice the red couch

No one to tell "I love you roomie" as she shuffles to the stairs to head to bed. 

Tomorrow morning, when I walk up from my room, She won't be there with her cute little smile, as she looks up from her bible.

I have absolutely no words to describe how unbelievably blessed I was to live with my grandma for 6 months. My grandma is moving on to better care in an assisted living home. Walking in to this empty home... it really hit me. 

 Holding my niece Francesca

As I sit here in my grandpas favorite chair, looking at an empty red couch, I really miss her. My Grandma.
Jesus, You are good. Jesus, You are faithful. 

It is all pure selfishness that I want her to stay here. But we all know this is whats best for her. She is in SUCH good hands!! I think my entire family is glad my superhero Auntie M found such an amazing home. 

I'm not sure if I've said this before but, I have the most amazing family. Ever. I have these crazy aunts who would do just about anything for anybody! If I grow up to be like them when I'm older, I'll know I did SOMETHING right!

I realize this isn't it. Grandma lives just 20 minutes away. I'm still going to go and watch our golden girls and the odd couple together. Bring her some chocolates that I know she loves. Talk about how much we love those swiffer commercials with the cute old couple... you know what I'm talking about!! And try and soak up as much of her wisdom as I can! 

I pray for a marriage like theirs.

Jesus, give my grandma peace as she has her first night away from her home. Give my entire family peace tonight.  

I love you so much Grandma!!


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  1. that's a beautiful post Linds! Your grandma rocks