Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids Crafts and House Decor

I love to decorate. I love crafts. I have never really thought you could combine the two, then I was introduced to Design Sponge. So many things I would like to make and so little time.

Not too long ago, I was have difficulty liking what I was doing in my "cove" area in my upstairs. Bored with drab browns, blues, and greens, I decided to completely change my direction in color and decor. Not wanting to spend a lot to re-create the space, I decided to make wall art made out of toilet paper rolls. Yes, toilet paper rolls. Again, thank you design sponge!

See the process!

I then went to bring the "wall art" out to the garage to spray paint. It takes about 3 coats. I left it out in the garage to dry.

Where is the finished picture you ask? Well let me tell you. The next day I decided to park the garage. Know where this is going? Sure enough I drove right over my beautiful piece of art. After hearing the crunching sound beneath my tires, I knew immediately what had happened. I threw the car in reverse as my jaw dropped. Sad, dirty, broken art project. At least now I see it sort of humorous.

It's a fun project with cool results, give it a try!

I am still deciding whether I want to make another... time will tell!


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