Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have found that becoming a mom has changed me in many different ways. One of the things I have changed in, is that I am shameless. I am an open book.

Another crazy thing about becoming a mom is all the terrible and funny things that happen to you. I have some mommy bloopers I don't want to forget, and you can either be excited or not that I am willing to share these moments with you. I hope you can laugh a little and relate if you are a mom. Good-bye dignity!

Here are a few of my embarrassing moments.

1.) I was changing Hudson's diaper when he was about a week old. I realized how bad I had to use the bathroom after I had started changing his diaper. I started doing the dance. Legs a-movin. Good thing I had my depends on, there was no way that was being held in. I peed my pants.

2.) I was nursing Hudson one time and again, realized how bad I had to use the restroom. I ran into the bathroom (still nursing) where my husband was brushing his teeth. I had to beg him to help me unbutton my pants. Nursed and went to the bathroom at the same time.

3.) Was at an outlet mall and had to use the rest room. It was dirty. I balanced Hudson with one hand and used the other for everything else. I thought I was super woman.

4.) I was nursing Hudson with a cover on at my grandma's house. She's 100. She asked me, "Can I watch?"

5.) Hudson was in my carrier while I was eating a meal in a cafeteria. I spilled chicken stir-fry all over him.

6.) The moment you knock over 6 oz of pumped milk. On my parents rug. (don't tell them!)

7.) I gave birth on the toilet.

8.) Was walking outside and got in to my cabin. Realized I had sprung a leak and just walked passed a bunch of people.

9.) I look like I have scratches from a cat on my arms and face- but really they are from my son's ever-growing fingernails

10.) One morning I was so tired I poured orange juice on my cereal. I still ate it.

11.) I watched a commercial about the life of a car. There was a 2 second clip of a couple bringing their baby home from the hospital. Hudson and the baby looked similar and had the same pacifier. I cried. My 4 month old was getting "too old".

12.) Wiggly baby + diaper change = poop smear. His feet, legs, hands, and my arms.

I would love if you would share some of your most embarrassing moments of mom-hood with me!


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