Monday, February 6, 2012

A Little More Natural - DIY

I know that our bodies come in contact with hundreds of chemicals per day. Sounds a bit crazy right? Not really. Read the ingredients in your shampoo, your body wash, your tooth paste, and any other daily regimen product you use for starters.

While it's next to impossible to get away from all of these chemicals completely, I try to go natural in as many ways as I can. For starters, I try to choose bath products that are paraben and sulfate free. It is possible to find these products at places like Target and Wal-Mart for a low price.

Another one that has me worried is deodorant. Previously, I would try to limit using it everyday and follow the guidelines-  like not using it for 8 hours after shaving your underarms. I don't like messing with the lymph system especially with my lymphedema- and since you have cluster of lymph nodes right in your underarm area, I cringe thinking about applying regular deodorant to my underarm.

I began trying out different natural options, and found some good ones. I really like Trader Joe's  (they use cotton fiber) crystal sticks (natural form- you wet the top to use), and Lush has some great natural options. On to my absolute favorite.

Enter Grandma's brilliance. She one day decided to whip together some DIY deodorant for me. She had been using it for years. I hope you can handle it's complexity. If you have some ingredients in your kitchen you will be ready for this.

Here are the ingredients you need. Ready for this?



That's it. You say I am kidding. I promise- I'm not. You use equal parts to make as such as you like. Grandma dips her finger into water and then into the mixture. I go just go right for the mixture and directly apply. The only problem is it can be messy since it is powder!

It will help with all your deodorant needs. Now if you are a heavy "sweat-er" this might not be the best option, but I wouldn't discourage from trying it.

I love using this and being pregnant as well- I can know what is being put on my body and it won't potentially harm my little one! One more way to avoid chemicals!


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  1. I do this! I have allergies to aluminum which is found in many commercial deoderants. I keep it in a lidded jar and use a large make-up brush (about a 2" pouf) to apply it with. It's a lot easier than trying to lift & smooth it on or mixing it with water.

  2. What a great suggestion on the brush! Thank you!