Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Estate Sale Find

If you remember all the way back to my Craft List, the last item (and favorite item) was taking old, used, vintage pieces of furniture and refurbishing them.

A couple sundays ago, my friend Elisa, mama and I went to an estate sale in our neighborhood. First off, I'd like to note that estate sales are a little weird. wasn't a fan.... EXCEPT that I found this little treasure for 1$. 

And now, after a couple weeks of this smoky smelling stool sitting in my bedroom, it was time to revamp!

First things first... unscrew the legs and take off the gross leather!

 Now, to start my project!

I needed new cushion for my stool and found some cut up egg crate in my basement. I doubled that up and cut it to the exact shape of the wooden piece.  For extra added cushion I stuffed some pillow fluff in between the two egg crates... the more the merrier.

My mom had found some fabric she liked online and bought a yard or two of it. She wasn't sure what she was gonna use it on, so she let me use some for this stool (can't go wrong with free). It just so happens to go perfectly with my decorations!

She also had some left over piping she had used on outdoor furniture last year. Grabbed a hold of that for around the stool.

So... goes to my next step... Cut out your pieces. 

I started off by making the piping and sewn the edges of the top piece, piping and edging together so when turned complete, it fit around the stool. 

Once I had that sewn together, I took the legs of my stool. They are wooden and painted black with a metal piece at the bottom. I slightly sanded the wooden part down to make the paint stay on longer and headed to home depot with some fabric.

They have a small 8 oz paint jar you can purchase that you can have matched to whatever color you'd like. I brought in a matching fabric that I had, that I'm going to incorporate into my room as well, that had a fun color in it. I had Pat from home depot make it my paint color. 

 Yes, I did this on my kitchen counter, hence the butter dish.

I applied about 4 coats of paint on the legs, wood and metal part, for it to look even. While those dried, I went back to my base with an automatic stapler, flipped it so the bottom was up, evenly stretched the fabric and stapled it to the bottom. Something about using a power tool makes me feel indestructible! (is an automatic stapler a power tool?)

Once the legs dried, I screwed them back on the stool and voila! Brand new stool!


 I only spent $1 on the stool and $3 on paint. Everything else I had available to me at home. 

$4 for a stool that perfectly matches my decorations, learned to reupholster, fun project to do for a night... Can't beat that!


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  1. Love it! Even cuter in person!

  2. Love it you little doll! Can't wait to see your "space" someday! Love ya....

  3. Um, you NEED to join Chelcy and I on our craft nights!!