Friday, June 10, 2011

The Craft List

Sara's been annoying me lately and I've had too much time on my hands... Because of this I have found many craft ideas I have been inspired to do. (whether or not I will do them is a different story)

This for starters... My niece will reap the rewards of my craftiness!
The Instructions look SUPER easy!

My mother and I have been wanting to get into making jewelry, so searching around I've found a few I'd like to make.

HC- "My Sweet Peas" Necklace for mamas-handstamped jewelry for moms, peas in a pod

Just to give you an idea.

Being best friends with Sara makes it very difficult to make my crafts look good when compared to her craftiness cause it just comes natural to her...and not so much to me. Sara is an amazing knittist :) but i'm attempting at it, I have knit about 4 rows of this pattern so far...

I started it with black and got a green, pink, purple, blue and cream. :)
we'll see how it turns out... I'll keep you posted.

hm... ok... more crafts...

My favorite craft is getting different pieces of furniture like a desk, dresser, table, chair off craigslist or at a garage sale and paint it, stain it, add hardware, fabric... I'l have to keep my eyes open for that and blog about it :)

But...for now... this blanket will have to do!

Heres to having relentless best friends (love you sara)


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