Thursday, August 25, 2011

Berni the Cat

I'm not sure who to blame for my love of animals, maybe Sara's mom, but I love animals. A friend of mine made fun of me once because, most single women my age would look at the men walking past but no, I look at the dogs.

Yes, I am that person who talks to dogs in baby voice. I'm not sure why, maybe they understand me better if i do? who knows. Besides the point... I'm not a huge fan of cats so, that's where this story gets interesting.

Well, my best friend (Sara) is home for just a few days before she leaves me for vacation so, I head over to just hang out while she packs to leave in the morning. Her mom gets there and we head outside to help bring her luggage in and we hear a cat meowing. Well, out pops this dark grey cat with white paws and just cuddles right up to us.

Marilyn and I kept trying to bring her outside and run back inside, close the door and hope she'd find her home. Every time, we'd open the door and there she was, just laying on the door mat waiting for us. I couldn't her just go homeless so, of course, I took her home.

I am not a cat person but, this cat has stolen my heart. Sara named her Berni because, at first we didn't know the gender so Bernard if it was a boy and Bernice if it was a girl so, Berni for short.

Bernice it is.

Unfortunately, My dog doesn't like cats and I woke up thursday morning wanting to scratch my itchy eyes right out of my head and not able to breathe. So, Bernice is going to her new home today. I'm going to miss her but, I'm glad she's going to a loving home.

Berni, Thank you for being the highlight of my week! I'm sorry I'm allergic to you. Kim and Chloe are going to take such great care of you! Love you!


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