Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mostly Normal, With A Side of Funny.

That's my travel experience for today.

To preface: I got in multiple arguments with my mom on how long it takes to get to the airport from my house. The place I live, the way I take every week in rush hour to get to my salon. She wins the battle of the departure time. 6:30 it is for a 9:22 flight. Fighting can be irritating and enjoyable- must be something that runs in a woman's blood. I like to call it play-fighting. Nothing like a rousing game of arguments.

I wake up at 5:30, get ready, and we are out the door at 6:33. I94 is a little backed up, then 35W South is smooth as can be. We are approaching the parking lot at approximately 7:00. I have a smirk on my face that shouts I told you so with no words coming out. Ok, you were right... Music to my ears. We arrive at our gate a little before 8:00. Flight is delayed. We are 2 hours early. Yes, I won the war.

The best part of my day at MSP was the cheap luggage we brought. We walked across the moving sidewalk with my roller bag. The wheel melted out of its base from the friction that pulling it caused. It made for interesting transport.

Note to self: get better luggage.

Do you like to laugh when something unfortunate happens? I do. My next favorite moment at MSP was grabbing breakfast at Quizno's. I didn't even know they had breakfast. Besides the point. You know the "MMM Toasty" slogan they have? Well they toast everything. They have a big toaster with a belt that is in constant movement, and it's pretty high up. One kind worker wasn't paying any mind to the belt overloaded with moving sandwiches. She would grab the closest to her, while there was one special sandwich in the farther side of the belt. It started to hang of the edge, and sandwich after sandwich kept knocking it closer to the edge. I notice this. I look over at the man next to me who notices this. We exchange a quick bit of laughter just waiting for it to fall. Maybe we should have said something, but I'm pretty sure we were both too excited to watch it fall.

The lady next to us notices. She says quietly with a look of being so let down, with a hint of irritation, "That's my sandwich."

Then it happened. It tumbled... everywhere. All into the toppings on the other side of the toaster. The lady is upset, while my new humor buddy and I delight in the mishap of the sandwich. Ah, the simple joys of life.

Maybe you had to be there...

We finally boarded the plane. My husband and I were the last in line. We were in line to scan our passes as I received a text from my mom, who had already boarded. "Where are you?"

"We got on the wrong flight accidentally"

She was a good sport when she ran to the ramp door in a panic trying to figure out where we were, and we were standing right there. All in good fun.

On to other things.

Do you have traditions when you travel? I sure do. Growing up with my mom being a flight attendant just added to it. Here are examples of mine:

Leaving home before the sun comes up. What's the fun in leaving mid-day? The anticipation would kill me.

Then there is the most important, food. Starbucks, personal pan pizza from pizza hut (depending on the time of day) and the perfect plane snack.

Ginger Ale and Biscoff cookies. Yes Delta, I love you and your Biscoff's. Favorite part about Delta? They don't feed you cold burgers individually wrapped in plastic. I feel like you could play tennis with those. Double ick.

I hate take off. Your body goes tense while you utter a please don't let the plane plummet to the ground during take off prayer under your breath. I am surprised I am not used to every noise and bump since I have been flying since I was a baby. It gets worse the older I get.

There there is the view. And the clouds. I wish I could touch them.

Except my view is more like this. Limited visibility. I was being the kind wife and let my husband sit in the window seat.

Why is taking a nap so impossible in the middle seat? It's rough.

Then you see this. And excitement fills your veins as you realize you are approaching your destination.

Can't help but love the Arizona desert and mountains. 

Tomorrow we are driving to Dana Point, California. Until then, we will be enjoying the pool and family. 

It is a good day.


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