Sunday, June 12, 2011


Awaiting my over-9-month-pregnant sister to give birth to my first niece, I needed something to keep me occupied. I had the grand idea to start jewelry making (one of the crafts on my list of 'Crafts To Do'). 

I don't want to make just any type of jewelry... I wanted to go all out and try the metal-stamping necklaces that are becoming popular. So, off to Micheal's Craft Store I go!

... just a few supplies :) 

Of course my favorite is the hammer and the anvil, so naturally I started with the stamping! 

It took a couple tries before I got the hang of it!

The ones i ruined :)

My girlfriend/hair colorist recently had a beautiful baby girl named Harper Maxine born on March,23 2011... Hence the date and letter. 

I want to add some kind of 'frosting' to this necklace to livin' it up a bit so, I got an Aquamarine bead, her birthstone, and turned it into a charm.

 The necklace still needed one more charm, but I didn't want it to look cluttered so I needed something small, but not smaller then the bead. With all the metal strands I got I took this...


 And turned it into this...

I'm still learning so it's not perfect. 
I dont think it's too shabby when you put them all on the chain!

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! 
SUPER easy and a lot of fun!

While I was working on the 'stamping', my mom started on a different necklace for my over-9-month-pregnant sister (my idea, but she made it beautifully!)

She made the birds' nest and everything! The number of eggs is supposed to represent how many children you have and it just turned out that the pearl is my nieces birthstone as well. 

Well... That took up a couple hours. 
Back to waiting for my niece to arrive... 


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  1. I love it! Adorable. Your niece is going to arrive very very soon! :)