Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby girl dean...

About seven months ago i found out that my oldest sister was pregnant... At that moment, that baby had more love from me then i have ever given someone. And for seven more months i cant stop thinking about how crazy it is that i have that much love for this small little person that i have never met...i feel honored and beyond blessed that i get to meet this baby just minutes after shes born and watch her grow and learn and love and make all her different decisions whether its which stuffed animal she wants to drag with her everywhere to what friends she makes to what man she will marry. I get to watch this precious baby girl become a beautiful woman. I get to be a role model to her and spend time and love on her. So much anticipation for one little girl. Its been so fun watching my sisters belly grow and watching her and my brother in law prepare for this bundle of joy.

Well boys and girls... The wait is almost over. Sitting here in the waiting area. Getting updates every now and then. My sister has been having contractions for about two days now. She went in to the hospital about 6am this morning. Was in a lot of pain around 3pm and was given an epideral... Sister on drugs is always a fun time. When i got to the hospital around 6 she was in delivery position and smiley... Telling the hubby she could give him 60 more kids. (we'll see what she says aftef the baby is born). Well, so far everything is good and shes been pushing for about an hour and they see a head with tons of black hair. :)

... Jesus,let there not be anymore pain. give this baby girl a beautiful life and let her always know how much she is loved...

... Back to waiting... Pictures and more blog when baby girl dean is actually here and i can hold her


  1. Anxiously awaiting! Can't wait to see that beautiful little face!

  2. So excited Lindsay! You are already a great auntie!!!! Love you and love that sister of yours. Can't wait to hear more. You are awesome!!!!