Thursday, June 30, 2011

Francesca Ray Dean

SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!
8lb 9oz, 21", dark-haired Beauty.

She is 16 days old today and is so full of curiosity. 
She's got these perfect, voluptuous little lips and chunker cheeks that you could kiss constantly! Her fingers and toes are so long yet so cute and chubby!

I could hold her and watch her try and figure out all the different lights and noises for hours. Her and her daddy have this amazing connection. When she was first born and Jonas (her papa) was holding her for the first time, he was talking to her and she would coo back at him. He would say something, she'd coo back, he'd say something, she'd coo back (I think you get the point). Then, the next day, I was holding her and she was slowly falling asleep in my arms, Jonas said something and her eyes widened trying to look for Daddy. Just amazing how she knows Daddy's voice.

 I love the way he looks at her 

Watching my sister as Mamabear is just perfect. She is such an amazing mom! Shes such a fun, loving, caring little mama. Francesca Ray is going to have so much fun growing up. 
My mom always had fun crafts for us kids, science museums, parks, picnics... and I KNOW my sister is already getting crafty and creative ideas for things to do with Baby Franki!

Melts my heart

She's just perfect.
 I love this little sweet pea with all my heart. 

Here's just a few more pictures... an auntie can brag, can't she?

 Sissy and I

 Her rolls are another favorite of mine

{L }

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