Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Hey Minnesota, Nice to Meet You.

Ears popping. Eyes glued to the window. You've landed somewhere exciting. You're exhausted from traveling, but you can't wait to take your first breath of fresh air in this new and different place. Man, I love airplane rides and vacations.

I was blessed to have a mom that was a flight attendant growing up. I have been all over. Traveling has sort  of made its way into my DNA. Growing up can definitely put a damper on exciting adventures domestically and internationally. School, then work, then money... it all takes away from the exciting idea of trip- or so I thought. Enter husband.

Kyle grew up in central Minnesota and would regularly go up north or to Canada for family vacations. He's the I-can-survive-just-because-I-have-a-bow-and-arrow kind of guy. Over the last few years of being with him, he has showed me a more "local" flare of vacationing. I am now beginning to explore Minnesota; I've never known how much it had to offer. I am beginning to think the north shore is one of my favorite places I have been to. It's a perfect get-a-way when you don't have a whole lot of resources on your side.

There is just something about natural beauty. You need to take the time to see what's out there, take time to smell the flowers. We live in such a microwave society, it's important to slow down. Refresh. Recharge. Take a deep breath.

Notice every detail. breathe.

I was in Grand Marais for the first time. Very easily one of my favorite places I have ever been.

Have you ever seen bumper stickers for this place?! (Sven and Ole's) On this trip I found out it was a pizza place. Yes, we ate there.


In and out. Capturing every moment.

Kona is overly social...

yes, so good. Then reality hits a little to hard. 2 weeks and counting until camp!


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  1. beautiful pictures!! what a great idea for a blog, you two!