Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chunks be gone

Alright ladies and gentleman, Lindsay is back on Twenty-Somethings and with a few extra unwanted pounds. It's been too long for me on here and I'll blog all about what life has been up to, but first I'm gonna start with the "here and now".

It's been a crazy time between finishing school, starting a new job and apprentice program, holidays, babies, new year... which means I eat whatever is easiest (nothing healthy!!) and it's time to STOP!!

There are so many fasts, juice, liquid, cleanse diets out there how is one supposed to chose? I have terrible self control and eat/drink what I'm craving in that moment, which means a lot of carbs and starbucks. I don't think I'd be able to stay on a liquid or juice diet, there would be nothing to chew! And the thought of downing some water, cayenne pepper, maple sugar and who knows what else cleanse, grosses me out.

So, on my nightly pinterest run-thru, I stumbled across this blog and found this awesome cleanse. It consists of 5 different foods; egg whites, spinach, raspberries, plain non-fat greek yogurt and almonds/almond butter. No salt, coffee (eeek!), caffeine, soda, or added sugar! I'm hoping that being on a high fiber cleanse doesn't leave me feeling hungry all the time making it something I can stick with. I'm also hoping this will get me excited to start working out and eating healthier even after the cleanse. It's a new year and a healthier me!

And so it begins...


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