Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slower, Please

There is not much in this world that can melt me like my son. I am sure all mothers can relate.

His life has consisted of meeting milestones, one at a time. In the last couple months I have thought, why are so many things happening at once?! Since he was born it's been, "Oh look! He's smiling!" "He laughed for the first time!" "He rolled over!" over the course of a few months. Month 8 and 9 it's been one thing after another. It makes me excited that my little baby is growing into a little boy, but seriously, does it have to go so fast?

Clapping, pulling himself up, crawling, standing alone, 4 new teeth, and doing his sign language are just a FEW of the new things that have been going on. I can hardly handle it- I stare at this little wonder in amazement. Like a true doting parent, I just repeat to him, "you are so smart!"

I am so proud of him and it's only just begun.
MMM the best :)

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  1. He is such a little Kyle! And these pictures are adorable! Please come take some of Bradli??