Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cleanse Day 1&2

9 am: Woke up. Ran upstairs to weigh myself and rushed out to bring my new car into the shop (I'll vent about that later!). Which meant I only had time to make some green tea on the go to tide me over.

11 am: After a few errands and returns, I started my breakfast. I'm following this blog to a "T" for today so, here was breakfast. 

2 Egg Whites
1 cup Spinach
1 cup Raspberries 
1 tbsp silvered almonds

I scrambled the egg whites and spinach together with a little olive oil and sprinkled crushed black pepper and garlic powder to add some taste. 

In a seperate bowl, I put the raspberries, almonds and cinnamon together. Boiled up some water for another mug of green tea and VOILA! Breakfast!

 Consensus... Not bad. I'm not a huge fan of cooked spinach. It brought me back to going to my grandmas and being forced to eat cooked, canned spinach and crying. I might not cook the spinach again or i might try different spices. The eggs were pretty good with the pepper and garlic. I absolutely love raspberries, then to have almonds and cinnamon. Delectable! 

Having my breakfast at an actual table (that doesn't happen often), looking outside at the snow, Kari Jobe pandora playing in the background, blogging and budgeting, with my favorite sweater/scarf on. Its a good morning so far. 

3pm: Made myself a parfait using the frozen raspberries, greek yogurt, silvered almonds and a little cinnamon!

I just layered everything starting with the yogurt, then raspberries and sprinkled the almonds and cinnamon and repeated again. 
 It was SO DELICIOUS!!! I ate this while driving to Sara's (shh... don't tell). Using the frozen raspberries made it a little tangy but the yogurt calmed that down a bit. 

Now... Here's where I messed up. It took me about an hour and a half to eat this cause I was driving so, once it came time for dinner, I wasn't hungry. Then, on the blog there is also a snack/dessert, I was way too exhausted to make that smoothie! I would NOT recommend that!!! I went to bed with a really bad headache (also could be from no coffee... I'm a coffee addict) and woke up with a headache as well!

If the headache wasn't enough to tell me to eat, I didn't eat breakfast! I know, I know... Stupid! But, once I got to work I ate 2 hard boiled eggs with pepper sprinkled on the top, a serving of almonds and a huge bottle of smart water. Headache gone!

I was running late for work today so I couldn't prepare my dinner so as boring as it was, I just ate 2 more hard boiled eggs with the almonds and water... lots of water! Now I'm home and vegged out on raspberries dipped in almond butter with a S. pellegrino that i threw a lemon slice into. 

Here's to a better tomorrow!! Good night world!


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