Saturday, January 26, 2013

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Baby Snacks

Little Hud is the least picky eater I have ever known. He will eat anything that goes in his mouth. If he doesn't like it, he makes a face and continues to eat.

It's really important to me that he eats as pure as possible while I have a say in what goes in his body. I originally was planning on making all of his baby food. I started out that way and it became difficult when we would go out to eat and if I didn't get a head start in thawing it out when he was hungry. I would go back and forth between homemade and organic baby food.

He has been doing a lot more finger foods lately. I started out with Gerber puffs. I tried one and realized how sweet they tasted. Sugar was one of the ingredients. Really?!

I then was on the hunt for a cracker type food for his age. Sugar, Sugar, and more sugar. WHY?! Infants don't need everything sweetened and why would you want to start them out with bad eating habits?

I then came across a couple brands I am in love with. I started out with happypuffs (click the here for their website)
They are sweetened with juice. This flavor contains kale and spinach- sounds scary, but they are delicious! I try everything Hudson eats- I won't give him anything that tastes terrible.

I also wanted something he could learn taking bites out of. I found happy munchies. These also taste amazing and dissolve fairly quickly.

I also am really big on probiotics. I believe they helped Hudson with his acid reflux and keeps him healthy when I am diligent in giving him it every day. Right now I have a powder that I mix in to his pureed food. I also am starting him on yogurt. I was going to buy some of those yogurt melts, but again didn't like the ingredients. I found happycreamies and happy yogis! Yogi's are dairy and the creamies are dairy free- made with coconut or rice milk. I bought him a package of the coconut creamies and one of the yogi's. I have only tried the coconut ones as of yet and so far, it's two for Hud, one for mom. They are SO GOOD. They have both fruit and vegetables in them so its a win-win-win! Not to mention how good coconut milk is for you.

This is the flavor I have for these too! I love that they have made it easy for busy mommies to provide healthy alternatives to their littles! I buy them at Target. They seem the most reasonably priced. Next on my to try list is their probiotic hot cereals!


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