Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well, I have made it. Day two here in Alexandria, and so far a success. All the hours planning payed off. Only 8 more days to see if it all went smoothly! I love being here. It's a home away from home. There are friends here from all over the state, family, cute shops, and wonderful services. Not only do I get to spend 10 days here for family camp, I get to spend another 4 weeks here for youth camp. Like I said, home away from home.

I attempted to start packing Wednesday night. Notice the "attempted" part. I mean come on, how do you really pack for 5 weeks? I basically try to stuff my entire wardrobe in 2 suitcases. Here is how my night went:
 Lindsay came over to help me. After a trip to JoAnn Fabrics, we stopped by the grocery store, and made one of our favorites. Sushi.

California Roll for Linz, Veggie for me.
Did laundry. Lot's of Laundry. Like I filled the two drying racks I have. Then the banister. Then the handrail (even more than this after the picture!)

and a curtain rod. Good grief!
and this is how I ended the night. You can't win every battle. Yes, I am referring to packing as a battle. What do I hate more than packing? Unpacking. At least I have 5 more weeks until that happens!

The good news: Thursday I booked it and I was even able to leave when I originally wanted Friday morning. That is a success in my book. Hopefully I don't need to ask my husband to pack anything else for me before he heads up here.

I am very excited to share Alexandria with you. I hope you will enjoy.

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