Monday, July 25, 2011

I Couldn't ____To Save My Life

It's a nice thought to think about everything we are good at. However, wouldn't you think it's a little more fun to think of things you are terrible at? What about things that someone else is terrible at?

We'll share a few things with you, but we want you to share with us the things you are terrible at!

1. I can't open a cereal box without wrecking it to save my life. {S}

2.I can't NOT stare for long periods of time to save my life... {L}

3. I couldn't NOT spill food on myself to save my life.
Thanks for those genes dad :). {S}

4. I can't NOT get pulled over or get in a car accident to save my life...
 4 car accidents, 7 tickets (that i can think of) and two court dates later.

This doesnt look like much but it totalled my car
5. I can't run to save my life. Rollerblade for hours, run for 2 blocks and drop on ground dying.

6. I can't say certain words or sentences to save my life...
Working at one of my jobs, the way we're supposed to answer the phones is "It's a great day at Progressions, this is Lindsay, How can i help you?" but no, I answered it "Its a great day at Progressions, How may i do you?"

7. WE can't keep our purses clean to save our lives.

We know you can relate! Now share yours...


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