Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You're missed.

Lindsay, I miss you. I hope you are enjoying school. I will be home in 10 days. Miss being with you every other day.

When I return, we will relax together.

When I come back from AZ, we will do all sorts of wonderful things.

- Go to the farmer's market (On a Sunday, due to school cramping our Saturday style.)
- Martha's something or garden something ( I can't remember the name :) )
- Finish our dress sewing project
- make something delicious
- take some fun pictures
- road trip?
- You do something to my hair. Show my your sweet, new-found skills.
- I was thinking, let's write our story. Friendship timeline. We'll go crazy with the scanner and some old pictures. It will be bliss.

I love you best friend; sister.

See you soon.


1 comment:

  1. farmers market for sure!
    Marthas Garden... :) you were close.
    My dress is in the trunk of my car so I'll always have it if I'm with you.
    sushi for sure but, lets switch it up! dessert after my 'no sugar'
    lets take pictures of every single thing we do on this amazing list!
    road trip... i can leave saturday after school and come back sometime before 9am tuesday morning.
    maybe I'll put all the different curls i learned today in each section of you hair :)
    and i LOVE the idea of writing our story! it's a great story to tell :)

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder.... only because I feel like we're both left out of each others lives. i cant wait to hear about camp and you can hear about school and we can catch up and spend necessary quality time together!

    I love you sister sue