Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Craft Nook.

I have a little house. I have a lot of craft paraphernalia. How do you make the two work?

I have a few sealed bins in my basement full of yarn, a very tall basket of current/upcoming projects, and things stashed here and there. I wanted a place that was organized and available for me when I unleashed my craftiness. Having a small home presents a few prolems- clutter, messes, and no extra rooms.

I have been blessed with REALLY nice hand-me-downs from my mom. One being a smaller entertainment center/storage/computer desk. It's beautiful and from Pier 1. I used it for my computer until I got one of the best presents yet- a sewing machine for my birthday last February. Then I thought... Hey, this could work...

This is it when I first put it together. There is A LOT more in it now, but you get the basics of it. If you think you see toilet paper rolls on the top, your mind isn't playing tricks on you. They really are toilet paper rolls. If you are wondering "What on earth?!" Check out my wall art post. Unfortunately, it ends tragically.

To be perfectly honest, I hate using straight needles, therefore I don't have very many. I prefer circular for every project. I have a cd case like contraption I use to organize my circulars. Works great to separate the sizes! So how do you store straight needles? A vase of course!

I am looking forward to my next house and having my own craft space! and while dreaming of what it could be...this is what I hope to have someday. I feel more inspired just looking at it. How could you spend any time anywhere else? Beautiful. Brilliant. Oh yes.

Until then.. my little nook of goodness works great for me. Don't let lack of space get the best of you when it comes to the things you love!


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