Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My amazing crazy life!

 I had quit my job at the salon I was at a month before school was scheduled to start and was absolutely going nuts with nothing to do and money running low. I would sleep in, not do a whole lot, take a nap, grab a coffee, watch some tv, maybe go hang with friends then go to bed and do the same thing over the next day. Unemployment is not a pretty color on me. I eat like crap, become super lazy, I wouldn't go as far as depressed but, I wasn't myself. I had visited Florida for a few days and came back wanting to move there. I was completely set on going. I knew God had something huge coming my way and I thought moving to Florida and starting a women's ministry at a church was it... little did i know!

July 12th I started school at Aveda Institute Minneapolis in the cosmetology program. I have been thinking about going since i graduated high school in 2006 and have worked in a salon since i was in 10th grade. I freaking LOVE school, which is weird hearing me say! I'm STOKED for all the opportunities that have already happened and the ones that are arising! 

Last weekend, I was 1 of 4 people picked out of my class of 30 to try out for a model call (something I would normally NEVER do). Thought it'd be fun to try with my new friends at school.  Well, they ended up picking me to be in their couture fashion show and had my hair cut and colored by 2 stylists Lisa Vann and William Edge (I believe their haircuts and colors run around $800). Lisa Vann owns two salons in Seattle, WA and is always teaching classes about new and upcoming looks and doing hair for fashion shows and runways (what I want to do after school) and William Edge owns a salon in Texas and is absolutely PHENOMENAL!

I had my first haircut ALREADY... on an actual human being and not Ronnie my manikin and ROCKED it! I finished my haircut before everyone else in my class and my educators did not have to fix a thing on my cut and told me I did an absolute fabulous job! I'm going into my 3rd week and learning my 3rd haircut and understanding everything (which, again... is weird hearing from me). 
 Ronnie my Manikin

I have more energy, I'm eating healthier, I'm happier, I'm actually working out, I'm keeping my life organized for more than just a few days, my car has been clean for 2 weeks now,and I do my devotions every single day! School is the best color on me :). 

Tomorrow we have a career day at school. A bunch of salon managers/owners will be at school looking for new recruits one day when we're finished with school and there are a lot of amazing salons that will be there tomorrow. I have my hopes up for one of those salons. The only salon that will be there tomorrow that isn't in MN. Van Micheal Salon has many Salons in Georgia and one in Miami and Van Micheal travels constantly doing fashion shows, runways, classes, shows... perfection. If a student sticks out to him, he will sometimes ask them to come visit during christmas break and be able to help assist him, check out his salon, meet his crew all expenses paid. (fingers crossed so tightly). 

I'm just very excited. Aveda feels right. I know that this is where God wants me. I hope the reason I'm getting extremely wide-eyed and giddy whenever someone mentions runways and fashion shows is because that's where God will put me after school. I know God has put the dream to travel to the end of the world and back in my heart and I think that hair is the way to do that. 

What's your dream and what are you doing to get there?



  1. go you girl! sounds like you have found something to be passionate about which is such a gift! good luck!!!

  2. I saw this linked up with Casey. Just wanted to leave you some love. I'm in Texas and have worked with Toni&Guy in the Dallas area. I absolutely LOOVED beauty school. SO much fun!!! Take in all the extra help and classes you can. You will be awesome working in women's ministry one day. You will have so much to bring to the table. We do several ladies nights and I get to teach make-up classes and give them tips on hair. We talk about inner/outer beauty. Not only that, but it's a GREAT way to get to know and minister to ladies in and out of the church. You will be AMAZED at how much people open up while they are in your chair. I've gotten to know several ladies in our church on a whole new level bc they sit in my chair for an hour every 6 weeks. I'm so happy for you!! You go girl!!