Friday, March 22, 2013


The Weekend is almost here! Yes! Happy Friday!

Here is our weekly link up with High Five for Friday!

{S:1} Finished a New design for my etsy website - Baby La Joie! They will be up soon.

{S:2} Fail.  Fail. Fail. I cannot make black beans from a bag. They never cook! Soak- boil -cook... no luck. Have any tips for me?

{S:3} I found green Tea Keurig cups! Delish!

{S:4} My awesome sandal finds from, you'll never guess it, K-mart! I love them and who knew K-mart could carry such things- I usually avoid that place like the plague. Now for this blasted snow to melt...
{S:5} Hurricane Hudson strikes again. While filling the bathtub, I found him Teasing the toilet paper by holding it over the tub.

{L:1} I got to spend some time with my girls this week!

{L:2} I celebrated spring with my scarf and an iced drink!

{L:3} Played a little Sonic...

{L:4} Found a vintage scarf when I went shopping with my sister in St. Paul!

{L:5} and the sandwich I am obsessed with that I concocted! Can't get enough! Recipe coming soon!


  1. avocadooooooooooooo toast!!!!! i just had it for the first time too, amaze balls x 1000!

  2. So dang delicious!!! Amaze balls ;)