Saturday, March 16, 2013

We want to give you something.

We have been working on some giveaways that we will be starting in a month or so...

...and we are really excited about it.
Aveda products, beauty products, jewelry...
...just for YOU! And who doens't like free stuff?

We just need a couple things from you.
1. Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter (Links under header)
2. Follow us on the blog (on the right of the post- you don't need a blog or a google account to follow)

We see you are reading...
... we just want you involved.
It's like a pat on the back. A high five. A thank-you for writing. And that you may possibly like us.
We want to give you something.
We APPRECIATE you. And we want to say Thank You back.

Follow & Stay Tuned.

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