Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where is that other sock?

Hudson's first birthday is quickly approaching. Don't even get me started on my sad trips to the store, staring at the newborn necessities. Or packing away the clothes that he has now long ago outgrown. The memories of being pregnant and folding and refolding the clothes I dreamed of my baby wearing.
I feel like I missed out on so much when he was first born- I was exhausted and had so many issues. I wish I could remember each moment when he was new.

But on to my point of this post.

I have learned a lot over this last year. My induction into mommyhood is still just beginning, but I like to think that I have passed the first course. Here is a humorous look into what I have learned in my last year.

You can always hold a burb rag and still be covered with all sorts of baby liquids.
No matter how well you think you have this down, something always changes.
Sitting down and watching tv when I want was an extremely selfish thing of the past
I am capable of doing anything with one hand, including my makeup and cleaning the kitchen.
Dinner for my family includes cooking, serving, cleaning, and if I am lucky, eating.
Restaurants and movies were a luxury of the past
Socks are a conspiracy. No matter how hard I try to keep them together, there is never a match with baby socks.
Pureed peas are delicious, but whole ones are not
Taking a shower is like a tropical vacation
Naps give you the ultimatum of napping, showering, cleaning, or sneaking a moment of "me" time
The second I start painting my nails, the baby is up
The dog makes an excellent vacuum after meal time.
Bottle warmers either scald, or don't do their job in the slightest
Making your own baby food is a great idea in theory
Pajama hand me downs are the best thing ever
mama is the greatest word ever spoken
why did I ever complain about doing errands before I had a kid
baby fingers can find in your carpet what you can't see with your eyes
Selling your home and moving with a month old is not meant for the weak of heart
Planning a first birthday is a bigger deal than all my birthdays combined

and so much more.
What other things have you learned from becoming a mom that makes you laugh?

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