Friday, January 6, 2012

The Crib.

Before I start in about my crib, here is an update!


My Crib, well, my baby's crib. Here it is in all its glory.

We purchased this crib in order to stage our loft for a second bedroom. We were having our house appraised- and that was a big mistake/slap in the face/ epic fail. It didn't turn out how we would like causing problems with trying to refinance and lower our payments on our Mortgage. But let me tell you- if you are in the central Minnesota area and are looking to refinance... You should contact Audrey Nierenhausen. I never never been treated so well and had anyone bend over backwards for us like she had. And overall, she is just an amazing human being with intergrity and good character. I would be happy to send you her information if you are interested. Off on a tangent.

Back to the crib. This crib is my dream crib. Espresso finish, perfect shape, and the cheapest one of its kind. A real find if you ask me. When we first bought it, it was just a piece of furniture. Since then, it has filled with baby clothes, pajamas, products, and accesories. It's a constant reminder that I have the best gift I could ever ask for coming. I wish I had the ability to give him a room of his own, but for now he has the open loft in my one bedroom home. It's his space; it represents him.

I was thinking this morning, as I was brushing my teeth in the dark hours of the morning, how much this crib means. It respresents a life.

I find myself in the quiet hours of the morning, before my husband wakes up, walking to my place in front of the crib. My fingers trace the outline of crib. I pray for my son. I pray for his protection, I pray for his health, I pray for his future. I pray for me to be a great mom and that I would raise him in the way he should be raised. I pray for us as parents, that we could get it right. I can't help but tear up thinking of these moments I share with this crib. I look forward to the day my son is sound asleep in this crib and I can actually see him when I pray over him.

That is all. A heartfelt piece of my soul spilling over with love. I can't believe the way I feel for this child and I haven't even met him yet. Don't pass up quiet moments that will become memories that will last forever.


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  1. These are the hardest moments, the waiting ones. Waiting to meet him, to smell him, to hold him. It's a bit painful, but we've all been there. I love your crib, and I can tell already that you're going to be a great mommy!

    PS- Stopping by from Casey's blog