Saturday, January 7, 2012


Last night, my husband and I had our monthly date night. Sounds like far and few between, but we normally spend every night together and our date night is the opportunity to go do something outside of the house. Plus, only going to a sit down restaurant once a month saves some money!

During the last few date nights, we always discuss baby names- not coming up with anything. It always feels like a dead end. There are a select few they we are okay with, but nothing that stands out the most. Everyone once and a while, one of us will find a name we really like, then the other doesn't like it.

The most difficult part of naming for me, is meaning. I can't seem to find a name with a meaning that jumps  out to me. I find that I like girls names better that have an outstanding meaning. Here is my reasoning of why meaning is so important to me, in a very short version: my mom thought she was losing me in her pregnancy one night. She prepared the bed for the possibility of losing me in the night. She had a dream. I would be a blond-haired blue-eyed little girl and she was to name me Sara (God's Princess) Elizabeth (God's Gift). Well as you can tell, the story ends the best way it could- it all came to pass. My mom calls me her miracle baby for many reasons. My name means so much to me; it's my survival story and reasoning for purpose even when I was in my mother's womb. I even have my name tattooed in Hebrew behind my ear, a reminder never to forget I have purpose and a future.

Last night, we found one. It may bot have the deep meaning I was looking for, but it's in the running; it's a top choice. Last night we agreed on it being an option high on the list. My nameless son now has a possibility! However, it will be a secret until he decides to grace us with his presence.

Date night was a success- quality time with my husband, and great possibilities for naming my son!



  1. MAJOR kudos to you for keeping it a secret! I really wanted to, but just got too excited and impatient. It definitely seems to make people think they can voice their opinion on it more frequently... because she's not born yet, I assume? But whatevs!

    BEAUTIFUL post, Sara! I remember the first time you told me your mother's story- so incredibly and worthy of sharing with everyone!

    I can't wait to see that little munchkin and hear more stories about your pregnancy :)

  2. Thats exciting! Finally found a name! Now put it to the test... start staying it out loud. Use "his" name in sentences, that should help you really decided if its the one. The mean of your name is so sweet, I don't think I ever heard that story!