Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today, I am sharing with you my favorite e-mail subscriptions. They are the ones worth filling up your inbox.

In order to stay up-to-date on changes going on the with the little guy, I rely on e-mail subscriptions. In the beginning of this pregnancy, I always knew what week I was and would even look ahead in the next week. Now, I have so much going on and there aren't major growing developments happening week-to-week. The e-mails also help remind me of my week! (Terrible, right?)

I have signed up for way too many, and below are my favorites. They give me an inside look on what's going on with my little guy this week, his size, and what's going on in my body. It's the perfect summary update. Besides my weekly update, I will also get newsletters throughout the week with valuable information.

1. Baby Center. This is my favorite. This also will last and give you updates on your child after pregnancy. Besides the great e-mail updates, the website is very useful between their many articles and forums. You can see what other mom's at your stage are experiencing right from their mouths.

2. Planning Family. This one also has great updates, but even more than that, links for free items! Within a few days of signing up, you get a code for a free photo canvas. I also have gotten a nursing cover and a sling for free through here. They have regular promotions.

3. The Bump. This website is a branch from I loved The Knot for my wedding, and now I love The Bump for my pregnancy. I am a fan of their newsletters!

After baby comes here are a couple of my favorites for cute, affordable clothing. I try not to look at them too much right now since saving money is priority! They will, however, be a weakness after the baby comes.

1. Totsy. This website has everything. Baby clothes, mama clothes, and accessories for everyone at a crazy low price.

2. Zulily. Great, adorable kids clothes!

Then throwing one in for the chef/decorator inside of me. I absolutely love the recipes and other ideas that this subscription website offers. They will send you recipes that go a long with the season/holiday (like the Super Bowl - best game day snacks), best places to visit, and decorating ideas. It's all found at Midwest Living.



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