Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Disappointed Customer

One of my absolute favorite places to go EVER is spyhouse! I have so many fond memories of meeting friends, having family christmas pictures taken there, good talks, lots of laughs. But one of my very favorite things about Spyhouse is that they have the most amazing Chai tea latte... Ever! Just ask Sara or read an old posting.

Saras Photography

The other day I went to spyhouse just to relax, catch up on my pinterest inspiration and just kind of get away for a bit. I was so excited for this amazing chai tea latte that I hadn't had in way too long. So I proceeded to order my chai, found my booth, set up my computer, had on my favorite sweater and scarf, got all snuggled in and took that first sip of chai. DISGUSTING! It tastes like straight up black pepper... so much black pepper that it burns going down! WHAT HAPPENED????

It was near the end of the night so I felt bad stopping a worker from cleaning to remake me a chai, thinking I just had a bad batch, so I just left it.  Extremely disappointed.

Well, tonight I met a friend for coffee and was about to order the chai until I remembered what happened last time. Not telling him about my last experience, he ordered an iced chai and the kind lady working there asked him if he wanted honey in it cause it is a little bitter. I had to ask why that was... THEY CHANGED THEIR CHAI!!! How could they do that to me???

So, you guys have to help me out... How can we get that chai back? Do I need to start a petition? Cause I will! I don't mean to talk poorly about spyhouse, I would never. it's my FAVORITE. We just need the chai back! 

Is there anything we can do??? Let me know!

Concerned and disappointed

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