Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Jars Meet Young Living

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your love, support, and prayers for Hudson. At this point his "scratch" feels like it is starting to "dry up". I am hoping this is a good sign. Please don't stop praying- we have an appointment set for 2/26 at the U of M dermatology department.

A sweet new friend of mine has been so helpful and directing me in other alternatives. The world of  Young Living Essential Oils. For the past few days I have been using a mixture of Lavender and coconut oil on Hudson's "Scratch".

There are a few oils that are safe, and that I have been using on Hudson. The two I use most are Theives and Lavender. I choose to dilute them with coconut oil. I have been using the Lavender for diaper rash and for his scratch.

Because of the dilution ratio (the Lavender : 1TBSP coconut oil to 2 drops Lavender, Thieves: 3TBSP coconut oil to 1 drop Thieves), I don't use all of it at once.

I have been saving baby food jars for a rainy day, and for this, they came in handy! I painted on a chalkboard label, and I was good to go for sealing in the oils!
I made extra for homemade spices

 Straight lines aren't my strong point! Another use for baby food jars.

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