Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'll take one deep-fried heart attack, please

I wasn't intending on sharing this since it wasn't my original design, but it was such hit I couldn't help but share!

I made these for our superbowl party. My hus must have been a fan too, because later he asked, "What else could we combine to stuff in there?!"

I found this recipe for a fancy homemade mac n cheese eggroll on a blog. I have to inform you, I am not sure of the website of this recipe- just know this isn't my original idea.

I made a box of mac n cheese according to the directions. I then dropped a spoonful on a wonton wrapper. Wetted the edges with water, folded into a triangle, and brought the sides up to the top.
Via iPhone

Then deep fried them until they were golden and crispy! To top of the health catastrophe that they are, I lightly sprinkled them with salt.
1 package of Mac N Cheese to 60 wonton wrappers.

You're Welcome.
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  1. I absolutely LOVE this!! So fun making eats with wontons and who can resist mac&cheese?!:) Thanks for sharing;)

    Have a fab weekend!!