Friday, February 1, 2013

Countdown to the Desert

The countdown until we head to Arizona is on! I am absolutely terrified to fly with Hudson (tips please?!) , but I am so incredibly excited for him to meet my family. I know he will love it and it's a first pick for us.

I am so excited to just BE with my family, but there are a few regular spots in AZ that I cannot pass on. The anticipation grows every day.

Self explanatory...
Gourmet ice cones. You don't even know.
Hazelnut something or other = heaven.

I seem to have a mild obsession with food. Who doesn't work really hard to look good for their spring vacation and then overstuff themselves with local delcacies. I don't even mind if I am the only one!
Do you have any suggestions of any other places to explore or try while I am in the Phoenix area? Please share!

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  1. When I flew with John last time, it was busy, but good because someone was with me. I brought a stroller and gate checked it. I made sure I had plenty of diapers, wipes and snacks he was able to eat (he was not quite a year and not eating solids much.) I nursed him a lot, especially during takeoff and landing. I think it helps thier little ears adjust. If you are by yourself, the stewardess will hold them if you have to potty. Lots of smiles and thank yous go a long way with the people around you, but don't be apologizing either. A person is a person no matter how small!